Scratch Cards To Buy In The UK – Best Offers With Big Chance Of Winning

Scratch Cards To Buy In The UK – Best Offers With Big Chance Of Winning

June 16, 2021 Lotto Ideas

Scratch Cards To Buy In The UK - Best Offers With Big Chance Of Winning

The National Lottery is a state-funded lottery established in the year 1994 in the UK. The new guidelines (as of April 2021) state that players must be at least 18 years old to buy national lottery scratchcards. These scratch cards may be bought in person or purchased online. It is worth noting that purchasing online scratch cards from the National Lottery website is exclusive to individuals with a UK bank account. In the same vein, physical scratch cards or other tickets are exclusive to UK or Isle of Man citizens. This establishment is known for offering some of the best scratch cards to buy.

Guide On National Lottery Scratch Cards

The National Lottery also sells the national lottery scratchcards, which were initially introduced in the year 1995. The physical cards consist of an area covered by a thin layer of latex that must be removed to reveal the pictures. They cost from £1 – £5 and are available in many different forms with a wide variety of prizes. The cards costing £10 were eventually discontinued, as they were too attractive for problem gamblers. The generic lottery scratch cards require the player to have three cards of the same prize amounts to win the pay-out.

The odds of winning from lottery scratch cards can vary dramatically depending on the winning amount. Games with a common jackpot offer odds of 1 in 10,000, while a higher-tier jackpot of £4,000,000 offers a 1 in 4,000,000 chance of winning.

For more details on other games, please read it here on Wikipedia.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning With A Scratch Card?

The most straightforward way of winning with lottery scratch cards is to gather as many cards as possible. The other method would be to buy cards that offer a lower pay-out so as to improve the odds of one winning. One important thing that players should keep in mind is that it is still possible to buy national lottery scratchcards or cards from other establishments even after there are no jackpots left which can severely diminish the player’s odds of winning prizes. Due to this reason, one should check the number of prizes left before playing any such cards.

Those who have purchased or are planning to purchase cards from the National Lottery can peruse their website for information on the remaining top prizes over here

Best National Lottery Scratch Cards To Win On

There are many variables for choosing good lottery scratch cards, viz. odds of winning the jackpot, the payback percentage, and the odds of getting a winning card. The payback percentage refers to the odds that a player will win some amount of money on a given card. The cost of the card relative to the amount the player is likely to win back is the pay-out rate, which tends to fluctuate from 60% to 70% for most cards. The first variable, i.e. the odds of winning the jackpot, is essential to consider, although the player has very low odds of winning it. The odds of a player getting a winning card involves cards that bring in any amount of money. The odds of this happening varies from 20% to 33%. One should also keep an eye out for a fake scratch card.

With that said, some of the best scratch cards to buy or consider are as follows:

£100 Loaded

£100 Loaded Card

This card costs £2 and offers prizes up to £100. Despite the low jackpot, the odds of winning this card are fairly significant, at 1 in 2,270. The player has a 1 in 6 chance of making a profit. Furthermore, the ticket comprises a main game as well as a bonus game. The latter has a maximum reward of £40 if the player reveals the logo of the National Lottery crossed fingers. The odds here are 1 in 792. The main game, on the other hand, comprises eight rows of 3 symbols, where the player must match the symbols on any of the rows to win the prize.

Money Spinner

Money Spinner Card

This card offers a jackpot of up to £50,000. The player’s odds of winning this jackpot are 1 in 3,819,072. Furthermore, there are several prizes of £1000 and £5000, of which the odds stack up to 1 in 561,628.

Lucky Bonus

The jackpot in this card game is £80,000. There are thousands of £100 cards to be won as well, with the odds of victory being about 1 in 1,447. The player has a 1 in 5 chance of making a profit with these cards.

These are among the best scratch cards to buy in the UK.

UK Scratch Cards FAQ

Are scratch cards rigged?

While these cards are not rigged by any means, the player should take into account that their odds of winning the jackpot are very low and gamble responsibly.

Which lotto scratchers have the best odds?

The £5 Fruity 500s offers the best odds to win with a modest jackpot of £500 and is among the best scratch cards to buy for players on a budget. The other cards mentioned on this list are suitable for those looking for a higher and riskier jackpot.

Can you claim out of date scratch cards?

Most scratch cards have an expiry date before the winnings can be claimed, so it is unlikely for one to claim winnings on an out of date scratch card. An expired card is as good as a fake scratch card in most cases.

Which UK national lottery game has the best odds?

The Fruity 500s is amongst the best lottery scratch cards from the national lottery with a 1 in 1,646 odds of winning a modest £500 jackpot. This is easily amongst the best scratch cards to buy for those on a tight budget.

What are the chances of winning a scratch card?

The odds of winning on lottery scratch cards can vary wildly from the amount and jackpot of the card in question.


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