How to shelter lottery money from taxes?

How to shelter lottery money from taxes?

October 12, 2020 Lotto Ideas

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Lottery games are associated with prize money that is given to the winner after winning. The prize money is put on taxation that cut the prize to some extent. Every lottery winner wants to shield their winning money from taxation procedures. But they fail to do so. They have different approaches to shelter their winning money.

The taxation on lottery money depends on the state’s legal procedures. Every state and country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding lottery money. In some instances, it is said that lottery money is the form of taxation only. To win the lottery, a player implements thousands of tricks and hacks. But sheltering the lottery money from the tax is different.

There is no concrete way to shelter your lottery money from taxation. But there are some ways through which you can minimize the taxation on your lottery money.

Ways to shelter lottery money from taxation

Lottery books also mention the hacks which are required for sheltering the lottery money. As a player, you can implement those tricks and hacks to pick lottery numbers precisely, and they win the lottery ultimately. But to prevent excessive taxation on your lottery money is a different process altogether.

The following are the ways that can help you shelter your lottery money from taxation.

Make payments choice in annual installments.

It is seen that a lot of lottery winners opt for payment in a lump-sum amount. This triggers the taxation procedure for the prize money in that same year. It results in a subsequent discount on the money. But if you opt for annual installments, the taxation of money happens every year, and you get a considerable amount of money. It is advised in lottery books also, that you should opt for annual installments to receive your winning lottery money. Never go for the lump-sum amount as a whole in lottery games.

Avoid tax brackets

The large sum of lottery money is purely the subject of taxation. If you win the lottery for a large sum, then you may end up giving tax double the money. Even, those annual installments don’t save you. In such a case, you should contest the lottery for small or medium lottery money. This prize money comes up with small tax brackets that can be fulfilled by you without enduring any burden.

If you have a low income than the lottery money, then you can surely avoid the high bracket tax payments. Opt for low tax brackets to shelter your lottery money.

Make charitable gifts out of the lottery money.

According to the internal revenue code, whenever you gift anything to anyone other than your spouse. It becomes liable to taxation. The legal procedure of taxation happens, and you get to give the tax as per the laws. To win the lottery sum as a whole without taxation, you can invest that prize money to any charitable organization. These organizations are not liable for the tax. Hence, your lottery money gets sheltered from the taxation process.


Taxation cuts the lottery money to some other amount that is not fair at all. The above facts help shelter your lottery money to some extent.

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