How To Analyze Lottery Numbers With Excel?

How To Analyze Lottery Numbers With Excel?

October 12, 2020 Lotto Ideas

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Excel is a software developed by Microsoft, which has been used for years in the data handling sector. It is used for calculations and solving arithmetic equations. But did you know that Excel can be a useful tool to pick lottery numbers?

Surprisingly, the lottery and the Excel spreadsheets go well! The chances of getting the winning number are very rare. You need to study all the aspects and rely on the probability concept.

Many people find this spreadsheet tool as boring and pointless. But if this sheet can be used to increase your chances of picking the right number from the lottery books, it can be useful for many.

How can Excel help you find the possible lottery number?

Before you know about the tricks, understand the basics of Excel. The spreadsheets have boxes called the cells. You need to apply the formulas to the boxes to get quick results. Also, the recipes are readymade and given in abbreviation form.

You need to find the data of the past winning numbers and copy it in the excel sheet. After you make a list, look at all the possible outcomes using the formulas, and you may win the lottery. The process of writing down numbers and analyzing is time-consuming, so this technology has made the work easier.

Even you can randomly choose lottery numbers. The work which might have taken hours of research and survey can be done in much lesser time.

Which Excel functions (formulas) could be used to pick lottery numbers?

Excel has several functions that can help you win the lottery.

Using the copy-paste action, fill the respective content (data) in the chosen column. For example, the first column, that is ‘A’ can be used. Give a heading to the first cell (A1) in the queue.

  • Most Frequent Numbers

Choose any cell containing data, and opt for the PivotTable option from the menu. Select the layout button and choose the Number option. Drag the Number button in the row section, and then in the data area. ‘Sum of Number’ option would pop up. But you want to see the frequency of each number. So in the layout, click two times on the Sum up Number option, and dialogue appears. Choose the ‘count’ under ‘Summarise by:’ option. Choose the advanced option by opening the Number option, and make the order as Descending so that you can pick lottery numbers based on their popularity.

  • Histogram

The second one is a data analysis tool called Histogram. It is a summary of the data of a specified range. You can enter data and choose the column. Then from the menu, select Data Analysis and then opt for Histogram. You can fill out the dialogue as per your needs. Then the histogram will present the numbers with which you might win the lottery.

How to choose random lottery numbers on Excel?

But, wait a minute. Are you sure the results would be dependent on the frequency of numbers?

Well, the lottery is based on luck and possibilities. A random number is selected by the slot or lotto machines. So some people like to go with the flow and randomly pick lottery numbers.

Excel has a function “=RAND()*X” which chooses a random number from the range of 0 to 0.9999999, X being any number.

The formula “=COMBIN(X, Y)” is used if you want to know how many combinations exist after choosing Y number of balls out of X number of balls.

The final word

Lottery addicts use several tricks to win the lottery, and they can implement this technique too. Enhance your chances of getting the jackpot! There can be other ways, but this one seems logical and free of cost!

Excel and lottery may not sound like a great combination. But, try this unusual partnership and pick lottery numbers with ease.


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